The following is a descriptive summary only.  Please refer to our Policy Wording for exact Claims Procedures.
Your broker should be able to assist you.

Helpful tips for the Owners Corporation


Please follow the following procedures if an event happens that causes loss or damage or injury which may lead to a claim. 

When such an event occurs, you must:

  • Take all reasonable steps to reduce the loss or damage and to prevent further damage or liability.

  • Immediately advise the nearest police station if your property has been stolen, lost, vandalised or maliciously damaged.

  • Not make any admission of liability, offer, promise or payment in connection with any event.

  • Not authorise the repair or replacement of anything without our agreement.

  • Keep any property damaged or recovered from theft for our inspection.

  • Give us as soon as possible all invoices, bills, demand letters or notices, other documentation or information together with a statutory declaration for the purpose of verifying and investigating Your claim.

  • Allow us to enter your property for inspections and to take and keep possession of or deal with the damaged property in a reasonable manner. 

Notification of Claim

If you wish to make a claim you must:

  • Immediately contact CSI.

> phone CSI +61 2 9419 2777

> email CSI on

> write to CSI at PO Box 178, Chatswood NSW 2057.

  • Give CSI all the information and documentation we require.

  • Immediately send CSI any court documents or other communication you receive.

  • Otherwise comply with all your obligations under the policy.

Claim Notification

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